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Kathmandu Paragliding was established in 2007 registered with Government of Nepal under the Civil Aviation Association of Nepal (CAAN). It is the only paragliding company offering you an opportunity to have tandem adventure fly inside Kathmandu valley.

We offer tandem paragliding flights in Godawari. We will be flying from our beautiful take-off point, Chapakarkha. Our flight lands at Rachantar near Botanical Garden of Godawari. Godawari is 13 km away, from Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. After you reach to Godawari, it is about 45 minute’s off-road drive to the take-off-point, Chapakharkha. On the tandem paragliding adventure, you will be able to experience the thrill with excitement of flying over the Kathmandu valley.

15-30 minutes tandem flight with experienced pilots is a really thrilling adventure inside Kathmandu valley. At the height of 2100m from sea-level, one of the highest take-off points in Nepal, the flight takes you up in the sky offering panoramic view of  majestic mountains ranges of Lang-tang and Gauri-Shankar, beautiful valleys, rolling hills and  an aerial view stunning views of Kathmandu valley, forests, temples and monasteries and many more. 

If you are willing for an exhilarating adventure in Kathmandu, book your flight with us, and then soar high to the sky with Kathmandu Paragliding. All of our pilots are insured, and professionally trained and licensed. We fly every day depending upon the favorable weather. 

The pilots will capture your photos with Go-Pro, and record your exciting experience. We provide you your wonderful moments in a CD. For your ease, bring a USB or an SD-Card, or ask to email you!

Come on, join us and fly with us.
Entice your senses and rejuvenate your soul with Kathmandu Paragliding!